María Ángeles García Flores


Adaptiveness and collaborativeness for project success

Being part of the architectural production team at CorbisStudio, Angeles shows several strengths that benefit our studio: adaptiveness, collaborativeness, and a fine ability to consider client goals and needs. She excels at BIM design and does her utmost to learn as much as possible about the program and other relevant options. Angie is a clear communicator that believes architecture is a collaborative process in which every person adds their skills to the whole. Angeles excels at teamwork and can efficiently multitask, which is one of her strengths. It is her teamwork skillset that becomes particularly important for meeting deadlines, as is her emphasis on clarity to help ensure teammates quickly understand her work. All in all, however, Angeles considers the client's goals the greatest, and most important, the source of inspiration. She also studied photography, and her work, in turn, shows an excellent understanding of presentation and perspective.