Martin Jean Charles

Project Manager Officer

Martin Jean Charles is a Systems Engineer and joined Corbis in 2021 as a Project Management Officer. He is based in Argentina but has worked abroad for more than six years. Martin brings vast experience on Customer Service and BPO with strong leadership and focus on generating results and achieving goals through the development of high efficiency teams. He brings a people-oriented approach to projects, that is blended with an analytic, flexible, hands-on, and listening approach that facilities quick reactions amidst the dynamic context of continuous change. Martin has successfully managed multicultural teams locally and remotely. That collaborative Team Management and Leadership approach allows different points of view and creative ideas to emerge, which ultimately help organizations generate added value for its products and/or services. Prior to becoming a member of the Corbis team his experience included serving as an independent consultant in technology services for clients, Operations Manager at IP-tel S.A. in Argentina, a Site Director Central America for Apex America in El Salvador and Honduras and Site Director in Lima, Peru for Xerox Services.