Pablo Lempert

Project Manager

Collaboration-oriented Project Manager

One of CorbisStudio's most experienced professionals, Pablo rejoined our team in 2017 and is currently working as a Project Manager. His talent has led to significant clients, including resorts in Las Vegas, the Caribbean, Dubai, and the UAE. These projects ranged significantly, both in purpose in aesthetics, and Pablo proved time and time again that a client-centric viewpoint leads to excellent results. Pablo eventually left CorbisStudio for work in Panama, where he coordinated developments as a member of the developers' team. This gave him greater clarity as to how vital effective collaboration, document delivery standards, and meeting deadlines are for both successful projects and successful studio-client relationships. He now happily shares such insight with the studio! A team player, Pablo looks at each project as a new challenge, to face, to conquer, and to grow. The bigger the challenge, the better!