Paola Diaz

Project Architect

Project Architect with large experience in Residential

Initially, a BIM content creator, Paola's clarity of vision, creativity, and technical excellence, quickly led to her new role as a Project Architect. One to embrace challenging or freeform projects, her ingenuity matches her awareness of team dynamics and continuity. Paola excels at coordinating tasks with her team members and offering constructive input or suggestions when necessary. She truly thrives off camaraderie and teamwork, often showing initiative in addressing complications before they happen. Very proficient at REVIT and AutoCAD sfotware, she works on some of our highest-profile projects. Paola is passionate about education in general and, currently, is pursuing an advanced degree at National University. Paola's insight contributes to overall project quality, as well as coordination and productivity. Always one to find inspiration, Paola believes that everything we face day-to-day means opportunities to reach success.