Patricio Saenz | Architect

Patricio Sáenz


CAD specialist and client-oriented architect

An outgoing and skilled Architect, Patricio often shows initiative and creativity in all elements of his projects. Almost always one with a positive attitude, his capability makes him worthwhile while his outlook is straightforward to work with. A team player, Patricio's communication skills virtually ensure all relevant persons know if there is a complication, thereby encouraging them all to help solve the complexity to save time. His skills include high proficiency in AutoCAD and knowledge of Revit architecture. He is also client-oriented, always considering their viewpoints and needs and sharing said conclusion with his team members. Patricio is contributive, but he is not single-minded and believes compromise is an essential skill for any successful project. Already one to work on projects for primary clients, he hopes to continue growing as a professional while also contributing to CorbisStudio's mission of helping clients and encouraging a warm studio culture.