Rodrigo Mir

BIM Manager

BIM Coordinator enhancing project quality

One of our BIM coordinators, Rodrigo's flexibility, expertise, and work ethic makes him an essential member of CorbisStudio. His first project was a BIM project in Dubai, where he demonstrated major talent in modeling and REVIT design as well showed himself able to quickly adjust to new, ad-hoc demands. He continued to represent us in Australia and the US, including as that of an on-site coordinator for a project in Atlanta, Georgia and as development support for a string of hospitality projects in Denver, Colorado. A clear communicator, Rodrigo excels at encouraging a collaborative, aware environment that boosts creativity and output. His particular skill in REVIT further enhances project quality, impressing clients and colleagues alike. Rodrigo particularly enjoys new challenges and often thinks of inventive solutions. Above all else, he believes in teamwork and puts all his effort into the details.