Rosario Salvadé

Human Capital Analyst

Collaboration to bring our AEC team to the world

Initially a training assistant at CorbisStudio, leadership soon took notice of Rosario's capability. Now an essential part of our Human Capital department, she regularly reviews potential grey-area situations to find an acceptable resolution that benefits all involved. Honed to be interpersonally and multicultural aware through her studies in International Relations, Rosario's superb negotiation skills consistently earn our studio trust and respect. An excellent communicator, Rosario also fully appreciates the impact her role can have on studio projects. She backs up her communication abilities with a sense of integrity that helps ensure any compromise is both pragmatic and equitable. This is critical to ensure all parties receive what they require, ensuring collaboration and trust. Attentive and aware, Rosario's multitasking abilities help ensure with all parties and individuals know they are valued, from leadership to team members to clients.