Santiago Capdevila | Project Architect

Santiago Capdevila

Project Architect

High project coordination skilled architect

Skilled at architectural design and an excellent team player, Santiago is right now a Project Architect. His first roles at CorbisStudio, while still completing his thesis for his architect degree, were for documentation. After proving his skill, and proactiveness, Santiago assumed his current role where he shows true adeptness. Precise and always considerate of specifications, his work style and awareness of team dynamics help to ensure clarity between studio teams, remote teams, and clients. Excellent at coordinating projects, Santiago's analytical and problem-solving skills augment his talent and creativity as an architect. Always mindful of his projects' schedule and overall continuity, Santiago's major focus and source of inspiration remain team collaboration. Santiago developed this trait as a rugby player, where he learned “on the rugby field or in the workplace, collaboration is king.”