Yanina Pensa | Project Architect

Yanina Pensa

Project Architect

BIM Management proficiency for large projects

Yanina is a highly educated architect with excellence in collaboration and production. She currently holds the position of Project Architect working in the offices of CorbisStudio as well as in our clients’ offices. Her social skills and charisma enhance the cohesion of the relationship of specialists in different disciplines she works with. Her emphasis on coordination increases her knowledge in Revit with frequency, which is very valuable for her design tasks and her role as an instructor in our BIM Training Program. As such, she helps her colleagues develop a better understanding of Building Information Modeling and apply it to their specialties. Thanks to her proactivity, Yanina uses her wide range of skills to anticipate complications and implement solutions before the workflow of a project is altered. That capacity is crucial to maintaining the integrity and rhythm of her projects. Creative, original, and analytical, Yanina always maintains a commitment to productivity growth and a high capacity to adjust to variable demands.