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Steyn City development

Designed by Boogertman and Partners. A 1,345,488 sq. ft. two-story basement podium.

Case study

Project Description

Steyn City Development consists of a 1,345,488 sq. ft. two-story basement podium that hosts parking spaces and retail premises. Above the platform, 1,453,127 sq. ft. of apartments on 739 units are located on diverse 4-story blocks, creating a landscape that resembles an Italian villa. The units vary in size from 80m² to 600m² on 7 typologies separated according to the number of bedrooms and duplex or simplex spaces. The Steyn City project will host 5,000m² of retail spaces on the podium and some residential blocks on the ground floor. It consists of 23 phases, and each portion will be individually documented on different timeframes.

Scope of work

CorbisStudio assisted Boogertman and Partners during the construction stage, in the development of the architecture and structure Revit models for 161,458 sq. ft. of portions 1, 2, 6, and 7. The scope includes the production of approximately 500 architecture sheets..

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Boogertman and Partners.