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Project Program
and Schedule

  • Client interface for all necessary issues, building up communication strategies, managing and reporting all meeting minutes, developing and maintaining a master program/schedule consistently throughout the project.
  • Project Execution Management through a Project Quality Manual establishing all necessary protocols, including documentation of key templates, following up on each component of the plan and reporting to all parties any deviation.
  • Procurement strategies & Document Control, assisting in all procurement procedures, vendor qualification process, and contract awards. Developing a system to standardize project documents and establishing a cloud-based platform to share work between parties.
Technology Management and Systems Integration

Technology Management and Systems Integration

  • Technology Project Execution Plan, describing upfront the technologies that will be used for the project throughout the lifecycle, implementation and maintenance plan.
  • Data Governance and Information Management, pertaining to all databases and the connection between them, data integrity and back up.
  • Software/API development in circumstances where the project demands are not met by standard market tools, develop custom applications. Research and Development to assist the client in finding the best solutions for the project, platform/technology agnostic.
BIM management


  • Establishing the General BIM Execution Plan,and BIM model set-up and collaboration protocol, to create a shared structure, glossary, and methodology for all BIM models to be integrated as per the requirements of the project and the construction program.
  • Model Auditing and reporting, following our standard BIM protocol, performing regular audits, monthly reviews, and end-of-stages reports, so all delivered models are verified in compliance with the BIM standards and the BIM Execution Plan.
  • Integration and automation, detecting work routines that can be covered with existing or to be developed tools, whenever applicable, for efficiency and productivity increase, and reduction of error margin.

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We have a strong team of AEC professionals that manage the process-driven phase of the project.

Production Management


  • Establishing a framework for DD and CD phases, acknowledging that those stages are no longer design-driven but process driven, helping each consultant maintain the schedule and deliver their design and details on time.
  • Managing Deliverables: as a starting point, to optimize the use of BIM technology with the construction process in mind. Design a set of drawings, including 3D images of the project to facilitate the understanding of the construction crew.
  • Document Control and Reviewing, supervising BIM model quality and drawing record so only approved versions of drawings are used for owner approval, bidding and for construction. Making sure they comply with the project standards.


  • Establishing a coordination schedule, to identify the milestones where the coordination processes will take place and generate accountability on all parties to deliver their designs and models in timely fashion. BIM models reviews to ensure they comply with the BIM Standards.
  • Analytical Clash Detection: setting parameters and using Navisworks with a proprietary interface to report and manage clashes between all disciplines. Visual Clash Detection, using VR to walk around the building and identify areas where there may be potential conflicts (clashes, constructability issues, maintenance issues or other problems).
  • Generating the Clash Report and managing the BIM Room, working with all consultants to show the major clashes. This DOES NOT include solving the problems; this remains a responsibility of the design consulting who signs and stamps the drawings.
Production Delivery


  • Building and Managing the BIM Models, following design input and in compliance with the established BIM Protocols, working closely with each consultant/specialist to ensure all bases are covered.
  • Generating drawings and applying details, following design input and based on the true BIM models (avoiding excessive use of 2D lines), and in compliance.
  • Maintaining Delivery Models data integrity, as per the BI execution plan standards, to consistently execute take-offs and link to cost database for updating project budget projection.

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We provide a different and cost efficient angle to construction management process.

Constructability and Procurement Strategies

Constructability and Procurement Strategies

  • Construction Programming and Project Budget coordination, to ensure the schedule aligns with the financial commitments of the development.
  • Constructability Analysis, to detect potential problems early on (starting at early DD), and to work with the design consultants to fix issues proactively.
  • Bidding strategy and Contract Award, preparing packages and managing the tender process through a cloud-based platform for consistency and integrity, providing the owner with reports for decision-making. Establishing contract conditions with the owner.
Management of Transition to Operation and Facility Management

Management of Transition to Operation and Facility Management

  • Coordination of the procurement of the OM entity, working together to identify the requirements and define the best tools to operate and manage based on the information available in the BIM models.
  • Set up the operation, including building manuals and present options for FM software selection.
  • Implement the FM software, incorporating all project manuals and maintenance programs in the software for future use.
Construction Analysis and Strategies

Construction Analysis

  • Establish the contract conditions together with the client, ensuring the bidding conditions are maintained and incorporated to the contract.
  • CRepresent the client in all interactions with the General Contractor, to ensure transparency and clarity on the numbers during construction.
  • Construction budget control, establishing cost center and cash flow, monitoring progress and alerting when deviations are detected.

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We drive innovation with our Software division, creating tailored products for the AEC industry.

AEC project management platform

AEC project management platform

In line with our Project Management scope, we have developed our own platform for the architecture, engineering and construction to support the construction project specific needs. It combines and simplifies Staff & Time tracking, project management and accounting in one place.

Cloud/Web Platforms


Cloud application services represent the most commonly utilized option for businesses in the cloud market. Our solutions help companies by greatly reducing the time and money spent on tedious tasks such as installing, managing, and upgrading software.



Augmented and Virtual Reality continues to drive change in perspectives on product and services. We merge high-quality visualizations with technology. We provide Interactive VR experiences, producing endless renders and animations to create material boards on the spot. Change your project experience from a simple picture to a visual story through our AR/VR panoramas.

Software products


Enhance your Autodesk® REVIT® work with add-ins made by our BIM specialists. The right blend between BIM professionals input and technical software development insight brings valuable solutions for REVIT®. Architecture and Engineering studios have been using our Add-ins for quite a while. Try out our latest development:

AEC Apps


We create Apps for construction and architecture studios and firms, as well as construction management tools. Contact us and we’ll find the right software solution to your needs. We create tailored solutions for the AEC industry, but we also participate in diverse software development projects. We have a solid team with long expertise in the field to create digital solutions.

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