How We Make Remote Working Work

How we make remote working work

Posted by Corbis Team
Jun 11, 2020

Making remote working work has its tricks. But it is more important to make it work for our clients while our entire team is in different places throughout the US and the world.

We take pride in having a solid remote working policy since day one. Even before the pandemic started we were already functioning from the safety of our homes.

We believe that the construction industry is set to embrace remote working both in the short term and in the long term in order to help reduce costs in addition to the interest of workers’ health and safety.

Our team of engineers, architects, project management and administrative personnel have been working from home during the duration of the pandemic and it is expected that some will remain working at home for a little longer.

Apart from the fact that we have the technology necessary to perfectly deliver to our clients. Remote working requires a strong company culture that is only developed through the years.

One of the keys is keeping communication strong and open. We’re a close-knit team, and one of the main reasons is to keep our team updated in a time of uncertainty like this. As they say, knowledge is power; the more we know the better prepared we can be to tackle problems head-on.

Mixing a collaborative culture, +20 years of experience delivering projects for the AEC industry and our 100% virtual Work-From-Home protocol allows us to deliver work almost as if our team were right in your office.

Finally, when looking at the short- and long-term effects of COVID-19 on the AEC industry, the current trends such as remote working, adoption of the latest technology and increased health and safety procedures all look like they are here to stay. And at Corbis, we can say we have teams ready to start kicking off projects, no matter where.

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