Meet Delfina, a curious explorer with an architectural twist

Meet Delfina, a curious explorer with an architectural twist

Posted by Corbis
Sep 08, 2021

Delfina Casado is a Project Architect at Corbis. She is one of the bright new talents that have joined the studio. Since arriving at the company in 2018, Delfina emerged as a key team player on every project she participated.

She brings a detail-oriented work methodology developed and honed at previous experiences as a Job Captain and as an Architect working for different studios.

Her first immersive experience was working on Belmont Village, an 80 senior housing project in San Jose, CA, designed by HKIT, a highly recognized studio based in the Bay Area since 1948. "Delfi", as most of her team knows her, moved to the Bay Area for four months (the duration of this first project), being this her first time in the golden state.

In Delfi's words, "my experience with HKIT was a life-changer. Everyone welcomed me as part of the team, allowing me to grow as an architect, as I was involved in every aspect of projects (even going to City Hall for drawing submittal)". When asking her about her mentor, Jeff (Loustau), she immediately quoted her own words: "Thank you, Jeff, for your generosity, help, patience, and dedication."


Enso Village by HKIT with Corbis Collaboration

Enso Village Project by HKIT Architects, a Project Delfina worked on.


She recalls the MOMA and the New Warriors Stadium as two magnificent buildings she could see in person -among the many other structures that make San Francisco such a unique city.

Delfina now leads current projects with HKIT and other firms we work with. She has since consistently shown her caliber combining superb people skills with a seasoned understanding of the architectural process, delivering happy clients, accurate projects, and fulfilled people every time.

She enjoys traveling, exploring new places, and strengthening her language skills. She speaks English and Spanish fluently and also French. 

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