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Design Coordination Service

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Clash Detection and Coordination

Clash detection is a technical validation process that informs coordination, highlighting physical issues with the coordinated design as part of an assurance process. We provide you with this service to reduce the chances of rework and save time and cost by envisaging virtual structures before starting the construction. Our engineers can maximize your project by adding value engineering on coordinated BIM models for improving system efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the ease of construction and maintenance of every step.

Site Test Fits

We provide you with Test Fits to produce layout plans to assess the needs of your project in a given space and help confirm the number of rooms, areas and people that can be accommodated.

Plan Coordination Review

We furnish an Interdisciplinary Document Coordination Review at different stages of the design process to help your team identify conflicts, inconsistencies, and missing information among and between the plan sets, specifications, or any subsequently issued documentation on this phase, before bidding and construction.

Design Guidelines and Standards

We build an early strategy and standards that will you enable clear accountability over models and improve the reporting structure of the integrated models, for coordination, clash detection and constructability analysis.

Prototype Development

We design prototypes as a way to achieve more effective and efficient outcomes. When you have to deploy a program with multi-site locations, having a base design with proven concepts will streamline the process and reduce margins of error. You can make faster decisions with certainty earlier in the process, thereby speeding up time to market.

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